Ok I can do this

This is all the work from this week. You can find my daily creates here. My favorite was the family photo album from my zine. I’m not an artist, and didn’t have actual photos, so I used an app called HP Reveal to add the pictures. It’s augmented reality, I think. Anyway, I created what is called auras. So you take a photo of something. In this case, I took a photo of one of the zine sheets, and added an overlay (photo). Once complete, with the app you use the camera to find the aura. Once the camera detects the aura, your overlay will show up (e.g. photo of my dog). If you want to try out AR, you can check out this how to video.

I did four writing assignments and one story analysis. this week. All can be found in the Assignment Bank category. My favorite of the four was the letter to my mother.

I’m still trying to get the hang of this, but I’m having fun with it. See you all next week.

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