Week 2: That happened

I was definitely behind this week. I learned that I have to set reminders on my phone to check out the daily creates. I also had to read and re-read the weekly assignment more than once. I’m determined to get better at this.

Even with all of that, I really do enjoy taking a moment every day to be creative. I mentioned in my last weekly summary that I felt that being creative would be the most difficult for me. Its not easy, but I do look forward to it.

I struggled with the Assignment Bank. I had ideas for all of the topics, but didn’t know how to actually go about making them. A few of the assignments I browsed did have instructional blog posts, but I either didn’t have the software or know how to work with Photoshop. That is one thing I will be trying to learn this semester. There are so many interesting assignments that I would like to try and a lot seemed to use Photoshop.

If anyone has tips leave a comment.

Week One: What did I get myself into?

Oh gosh! Where to begin?


Y’all, to say this was a challenge would be an understatement! I hope it goes a lot smoother as we progress through the semester. I think the most difficult thing for me is just knowing where to begin or how to be creative. My three siblings all got the creative gene, but your girl Lilian, did not.

However, I am still excited to have the opportunity to try to be creative while providing my thoughts and ideas on this semester’s 80s theme.

I definitely enjoyed interviewing my mom for the 80s post. It was nice to connect with her about the things she found interesting at the time, and I hope to reach out to her again with more specific questions in the future.

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Getting through week 1