Week 12 Summary

Well, things are still pretty boring around here. I’m over it.

This week I created 8.5 stars worth of Mashups which ended up being only two. They didn’t take all that long to create, but the apps crashed on me a whole bunch. I really should invest in Photoshop, and a didn’t laptop.

I created two remixes. The first one is a remix of an orignal post. It’s kind of my favorite because I’m just a sentimental person, and I’ll miss DS106.

Week 11 Summary

This was a rough week for me. Our cat passed away unexpectedly, and I’m absolutely devasted. This class helped get my mind off of it even if only for a few hours, and for that I am grateful.

This week my group and I completed our video project.

I posted some project ideas. Heads up, they are the same from the first project idea post, but I do give a bit more detail and provide examples. I also listed a couple of my classmates ideas that I think are interesting.

I created 3 daily creates this week.

I hope everyone is doing well. We’re almost done, friend. Keep your head up, and stay healthy.

Week 10 Summary

This week we started working on video assignments. I got back together with my podcast group. We decided to create a documentary style fictional video on life after COVID-19. We each created trailers for our video. The video show plan and my trailer are in the post below.

I also reviewed Ebert and Zhou’s work to learn about film analysis and film making. I then did my own analysis on a scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Check out the full analysis here.

As always, I worked on daily creates for this week.

Week 9 Summary

This week has been rough on my end. I’m still working through adjusting to all the new schedules, but I’m getting there.

DS 106 has been the only constant thing in my life this semester and for that I am extremely grateful.

This week I created 3 daily creates, and one daily create story with so many hyperlinks.

I reworked my first ever bumper. I’m still learning, but I know that audio assignments have been my favorite this semester. Keep them coming!

I came up with some ideas for our future projects. I also read plenty of my classmates, and there are some pretty amazing ideas out there. I honestly would prefer to work in a group. We should physical distance ourselves, but not socially distance ourselves.

Lastly, I discuss The Breakfast Club Radio Show. They were wonderful.

Week 8 Summary

With the cancellation of classes, moving solely online for the next three weeks, and preparing for isolation things have been a little crazy to say the least. Our class is fortunate to have been working online since the beginning of the semester, so for me this class has been the least stressful.

We completed our podcast this week. You can take a look at my progress post to read about how our team’s process and listen to the audio I provided for the final product.

I also completed two daily creates this week. I included myself in each, and I think they came out pretty cool.

That’s all I have this week. Stay safe, everyone.

Week 5 Summary

I was definitely intimidated going into this week. I have never worked with any audio editing before this week, but it was so much fun. I also liked the the live tweeting during DS106 Radio. Unfortunately only participated once because of evening classes, and multiple group projects, but I’m glad I made it on. Like many of the prompts mentioned, audio often goes unnoticed, but it definitely is a key component to all good storytelling.

My assignments for this week can be found here.

Week 4 Summary

I didn’t get through more than a quarter of the assignments this week. It was a rough one. It is really unfortunate because when I first read the assignment I was excited to get out and get some good original photos. It didn’t work out that way.

This week I only finished 2 Daily Creates, and the Photoblitz assignment. I also nominated some of my favorite post of the week.

Ok I can do this

This is all the work from this week. You can find my daily creates here. My favorite was the family photo album from my zine. I’m not an artist, and didn’t have actual photos, so I used an app called HP Reveal to add the pictures. It’s augmented reality, I think. Anyway, I created what is called auras. So you take a photo of something. In this case, I took a photo of one of the zine sheets, and added an overlay (photo). Once complete, with the app you use the camera to find the aura. Once the camera detects the aura, your overlay will show up (e.g. photo of my dog). If you want to try out AR, you can check out this how to video.

I did four writing assignments and one story analysis. this week. All can be found in the Assignment Bank category. My favorite of the four was the letter to my mother.

I’m still trying to get the hang of this, but I’m having fun with it. See you all next week.