Create a Silly Movie Poster

Really Lost Boys

For the Visual Assignment, I chose the “Make a Silly Movie Poster” assignment. The assignment details stated to take an existing poster and make it look silly.

The 80s were a little silly to begin with, so I thought this assignment would be perfect. I google searched “80s movie posters” and the Lost Boys poster was one of the first to pop up. Obviously I had to choose this one.

The original poster looks like this.

I decided to make it silly by claiming these guys were actually lost. I researched popular slang of the 80s. According to an article on BestLife, “gag me with a spoon” was a popular thing to say when you were over something or disappointed. “Bounce” was apparently used to indicate you were ready to leave. Not really sure if that stayed in the 80s because I use it. Though I am a little older than the typical demographic here, so maybe I’m okay to continue using it.

I decided I wanted to add some things that we currently see or use. For example, I used memes consistent with being lost or confused about something. I took a jab at Apple maps because everyone knows it’s the worst, and you will get lost using it. I think that’s what is so great about being able to do this type of creative work. Nothing is ever really old or outdated. There is always a place for it.

Overall I enjoyed this assignment especially because it’s supposed to be a horror movie, so making it silly was fun.