How is it over? Final Project

This week my super awesome team and I finished our final project this week which came out in two forms, an audio format fit for a podcast episode, and a video with images related to the topic of discussion.

We created a piece that discussed two things. 1) Current songs that were given an 80s remix. 2) How current songs already have a huge 80s influence. I really enjoyed the topic, and it was cool hearing everyone’s thoughts on it.

We each chose the songs we wanted to discuss, provided the audio, and the commentary. When we completed our individual parts, Kyle edited them all together for the radio format. James then took that audio and formatted it for video. He chose the best photos for the video, which I know had to be absolutely taxing, but it came out great.

Below is the SoundCloud version that is posted on Kyle’s page.

The videos below are posted onto James’ Youtube channel. The file was too large, so he had to create 2 parts.


As I’ve mentioned time, and time again. I was terrified when I first started this class, but oh, am I so glad I stuck with it. I believe in my first blog post I mentioned I wasn’t very creative. While I’m not an artist by any means, I learned that I am creative in my own way. I learned so much from this class, and it was my favorite this semester.

Thank you Professor Bond for challenging us, and especially me.

To my classmates, good job this semester. You all produced some amazing content. Best of luck to all of you.

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