DS106 Fashionista

This assignment asks you to sketch an outfit for a wedding party. Of course, I wanted to keep this within our 80s theme, so I searched for inspiration online.

The photos I reminded me of the old pictures of my mom kept around of her and her sisters in the 80s. Always with the big poofy sleeves that are slighly off the shoulders. The big permed hair. I’m not an artist, but think I was able to capture the big sleeves if nothing else.

Four Picture Movie

For the Four Picture Movie assignment I visited The Noun Project website that the prompt recommended. I thought this would be a simple project which it was, but choosing which icon to use without being too obvious, that was a challenge. There is so many option on this website, so if you are working on this assignment make sure you visit it.

For this challenge I decided to choose an 80s horror movie that premiered in 1988. It was apparently a favorite of mine at a very young age. I wouldn’t dare watch it now. Mostly because it’s cheesy, but I’m also not into horror films these days. Either way, try to figure it out. I’m sure you can.

Minimalist Poster

I read another classmates post who mentioned Canva as a good source to design a poster. There is options for posters, videos, cards etc. The obvious choice for this assignment was a poster. I only used three elements to complete this poster. I’m certain this is probably easy to figure out, but in case you don’t know, this is Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. The blue light saber belongs to Luke Skywalker, and the red is Darth Vaders.

This movie was originally released in 1983, and then re-released in 1997. I remember my father taking us to the movie theater to watch it when it came out. I also remember being a brat, as many 8 year olds can be, because I probably wanted to watch something else or thought I wouldn’t like it. As you can assume, I was wrong, and my love for Star Wars started that night.