Moon Graffiti

I truly enjoyed Moon Graffiti, and had a great sense of relief knowing it it’s fiction. The sound effects in the story did a good job to paint a scene for us to imagine a trip to the moon, the crash, the atmosphere, and most importantly the character’s feelings. One thing that caught my attention was how the Amstrong and Aldrin remained mostly calm in their speech. It made me imagine their training in preparation for their journey. I imagine that its how they would have reacted if they had crashed. The actors and sound affects made this story believeable and I had a sense of wanting to connect to them; I found myself thinking, “you wont be forgotten.”

Abumrad talks about being co-authors and co-imagining, and I definitely understood what that meant once I started listening to the story. What I envisioned probably isn’t exactly like you would. It’s a cool concept for sure.