DS Reacts Remix – I’m crying

I decided to remix my DS106 Reacts assignment. The theme of the original gif was a sense of “what did I get myself into?” I mean, I was shocked at the amount of work we had that first week. I didn’t think I would be able to learn all that I have this semester. I’m proud of all I have done, and I’ll be sad when its over.

You can find the original here.

So, here is the Remixed DS106 Reacts – It’s coming to end, and I’m not ready.

DS106 Reacts

This AnimatedGif assignment is called DS106 Reacts. The instructions are to make the perfect reaction GIF. You are allowed to react to anything. I decided to make a GIF depicting my reaction to DS106 on day one.

Little note about the video I used to create this GIF. This was the day my husband came back from a nine month deployment from Syria. Our pup Heidi was having all of the emotions when she saw him.