Social Media: 80s Rewrite Progess

Our group remained in contact over the break. We ironed out the details regading what we wanted our show to sound like. We decided we wanted it to come off as a traditional podcast with a host and guest callers. We all agreed Lewis Geter was the best choice for host given his vocal talent and because he has the most experience with podcasts (he runs his own).

The rest of the group members chose a topic or two they wanted to discuss on the show, and how social might have impacted each if it existed in the 80s.

I chose to discuss how social media might have impacted election years in the 80s if it existed then. I considered how voter turnout might have been different if instant notifications were a thing. Would candidates communicate with voters via twitter like you see now, and what controversies would have been trending?

Once I developed my script, I used a voice recorder app on my phone to record it. I did not add any sound effects at that time. I simply uploaded it our group Google doc where then Kyle edited it into our final product. Below is my part of the podcast before any edits.

I created a commercial for our episode as well. I found a hair shampoo and conditioner commercial with Brooke Shields. It was definitely the 80s, and I just felt I needed to recreate it. I used a voice recorder app on my phone to record the script. I then found a sound clip on that I thought fit the theme. I edited it all on Audacity.

And thats it. Kyle took all of our clips and put it all together. Here is our final product.

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