Radio Show Progress

For week one of our radio show, we got into our groups. I am partnered with James Fendley, Lewis Geter, Kyle Ortiz, and Hayden Webb. We immediately started a Google doc to start sharing ideas on what we wanted the theme of our show to be.

We decided on taking Professor Bond’s idea of what would the 80s be like if the technology we have today existed back then. We are specifically focusing on how social media would have impacted the 80s if it existed. It’s a pretty cool concept, and I’m looking forward to the final product.

Our team has done really well at communicating with each other over Google docs, and Group Me. This is where we mostly share our ideas and work through them together.

So far, we have created 3 bumpers for our show.

This one is by Lewis. I really like the music he chose for his, and how relaxed he sounds.

This next one is by Kyle. Kyle literally sounds like he does this for a living.

I also created a bumper. You can find it in the post titled, ‘Check out this bumper, y’all.’ I basically went for the podcast vibe with the music and message. I ask our listeners to share their thoughts on our show by using #ds106 and #an80srewrite.

We also developed two promos for our show so far.

This was created by Lewis.

And I created a flyer.

Overall, this feels like a pretty productive week. Usually group work is never this easy, but our team has really come together for this one. I definitely feel lucky.

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