Final Project Progress

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For the final project, I will once again be working with James, Kyle, Lewis and Hayden. Truly the best group. Seriously, of all the group projects I’ve been a part of, no other group compares to this one. I’m glad we hit it off that during that first group assignment. Even more grateful everyone has been so willing to come back together, especially during a time like this.

We decided to go back to the 80s theme, which I’m happy about. I don’t know how much COVID-19 I can deal with at this point.

Lewis, as always, started with sending out a group doc for us to drop our ideas. We submitted our ideas, and hashed out what we wanted to do over GroupMe.

We will be working on creating multiple pieces to our project. Radio, video and I imagine we will throw in some adverts to incorporate some of the design we learned this semester.

First thing is developing outlines, scripts, and deadlines, which should all be figured out during our next Zoom meeting this Sunday, if not sooner. One thing I am looking forward to doing that I haven’t been the greatest so far is editing, and audio. I will be working on getting it as good as I can before submitting it James and Kyle to work their magic.

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