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Everyone did such a great job with their podcasts. I like that they were all pretty different from each other, and the methods in which they composed their episode were also different. It such goes to show that you really can put in quality work even when you cannot meet up in person.

I truly enjoyed The Breakfast Club Radio Show.

This group photo will stay with me forever. Literally the best!

Their decision to interview people/their parents about their experiences from the 80s was a nice way to get give their topic credibility. Their conversations were recorded call-ins which I think truly gave it that “podcast” feel, and elevated the quality of their show.

Even though music seemed to be the thing their parents remembered most about the 80s, the experiences were all different which gave their episode more to talk about. One thing I would have liked to hear was the interview that was translated by one of the hosts. I think if they played it in their episode, and then translated while it was playing it would have given it that extra touch.

Overall, I think the Breakfast Club really knocked it out of the park. It is evident they enjoyed working on it together, and it was very professionally edited. They should be proud of their work, and maybe even consider submitting it to one of those contests Professor Bond mentioned during Wednesday’s podcast.

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