Ideas Part 2

I think I’m going to stick with the same ideas I posted a couple of weeks ago. I would like to work in a group, but if this is a solo project that’s ok, too.

I suggested making sort Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current popular songs that are remixed to sound as if they were created in the 80s. The video below is an example of just that. I do think it would be better over the radio since quite a bit of work will go into remixing. Plus it might be cool to take over DS106 Radio again.

The other idea I had could also be for radio or video. Take an 80s movie and putting a twist on it. For example, taking a rom-com and making it sci-fi, or vise versa. It would require more writing I think, and some creativity. Along with the show, we could create posters or flyers to go along with it. An example of that is something Corridor Crew put together. R-Rated…there is lots of violence, but you get the idea. Side note: You should check out there other content. They have a bunch of content on VFX, and they are pretty funny guys. One of my favorites is a Keanu Reeves deepfake.

Here are some ideas I like from my classmates.

  1. 80s unsolved mysteries who doesn’t love a good mystery?
  2. 80s influencers would be cool to take a look at influencers from the 80s and how they have impacted our current world.
  3. Modern technology in 80s scene

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