Post Coronavirus Documentary – Progress Final

This week our group worked on putting together our video. As I mentioned last week, we chose to a documentary style video about life during and post COVID-19. We topics we chose to discuss were the effect on the stock market, quarantine experiences, and the lack of toilet paper during that time.

We all decided we wanted to keep the video light-hearted, but also give as much facts and our real experience during COVID-19. With that in mind, I chose a real experience from my life under quarantine status. Of course, the toilet paper scare is serious, but also the thing we are currently making fun of as a collective, so that is where I decided I could try to be a bit humerous.

I recorded three different videos. I used an app called InShot to edit them together. To make it look like I was being “interviewed,” I put my phone off to the side and I literally looked straight ahead stared candle holder, hahaha. It was originally recorded in portrait mode, so in the app I changed it to full screen mode.

Below is the raw video I sent to James.

Once James had all of our videos, he became the master at editing our video. You can watch it below.

Video Show Plan – Post COVID-19

The group I worked with for the podcast project decided to reassemble to work a video project together. I’m excited to be working with them again. Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of group projects, but this group I can get behind.

We got together this week to brainstorm ideas for the project. We initially started on GroupMe and Google Docs, and ended up in a video conference on Zoom. There we collectively agreed on the theme “Post COVID-19.” We feel of our video will be a documentary style show with each of us as subjects. We decided to keep it lighthearted, and you’ll likely see a bit of worthy meme like comedy throughout.

As I say that, I created a trailer for our show, but it is actually more on the serious side. Not sure how it ended up going there, but once I started editing I just went with it. I mostly think its because I am still figuring out how to edit in general. The audio during the “subject” interview (me) is way too low, and I couldn’t figure out how to increase the volume on the software I was using. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments.

Check out the trailer below. Let me know what you think. Thanks!