How is it over? Final Project

This week my super awesome team and I finished our final project this week which came out in two forms, an audio format fit for a podcast episode, and a video with images related to the topic of discussion.

We created a piece that discussed two things. 1) Current songs that were given an 80s remix. 2) How current songs already have a huge 80s influence. I really enjoyed the topic, and it was cool hearing everyone’s thoughts on it.

We each chose the songs we wanted to discuss, provided the audio, and the commentary. When we completed our individual parts, Kyle edited them all together for the radio format. James then took that audio and formatted it for video. He chose the best photos for the video, which I know had to be absolutely taxing, but it came out great.

Below is the SoundCloud version that is posted on Kyle’s page.

The videos below are posted onto James’ Youtube channel. The file was too large, so he had to create 2 parts.


As I’ve mentioned time, and time again. I was terrified when I first started this class, but oh, am I so glad I stuck with it. I believe in my first blog post I mentioned I wasn’t very creative. While I’m not an artist by any means, I learned that I am creative in my own way. I learned so much from this class, and it was my favorite this semester.

Thank you Professor Bond for challenging us, and especially me.

To my classmates, good job this semester. You all produced some amazing content. Best of luck to all of you.

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Daily Creates

I submitted a new daily create titled, “There’s no place like…”

Instructions include, “close your eyes, taps your heels together three times, and share a photo, GIF, or even Photoshop yourself somewhere you want to be.” I added a photo of Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Final Project Progress

Vector Stock

For the final project, I will once again be working with James, Kyle, Lewis and Hayden. Truly the best group. Seriously, of all the group projects I’ve been a part of, no other group compares to this one. I’m glad we hit it off that during that first group assignment. Even more grateful everyone has been so willing to come back together, especially during a time like this.

We decided to go back to the 80s theme, which I’m happy about. I don’t know how much COVID-19 I can deal with at this point.

Lewis, as always, started with sending out a group doc for us to drop our ideas. We submitted our ideas, and hashed out what we wanted to do over GroupMe.

We will be working on creating multiple pieces to our project. Radio, video and I imagine we will throw in some adverts to incorporate some of the design we learned this semester.

First thing is developing outlines, scripts, and deadlines, which should all be figured out during our next Zoom meeting this Sunday, if not sooner. One thing I am looking forward to doing that I haven’t been the greatest so far is editing, and audio. I will be working on getting it as good as I can before submitting it James and Kyle to work their magic.

Week 12 Summary

Well, things are still pretty boring around here. I’m over it.

This week I created 8.5 stars worth of Mashups which ended up being only two. They didn’t take all that long to create, but the apps crashed on me a whole bunch. I really should invest in Photoshop, and a didn’t laptop.

I created two remixes. The first one is a remix of an orignal post. It’s kind of my favorite because I’m just a sentimental person, and I’ll miss DS106.

DS Reacts Remix – I’m crying

I decided to remix my DS106 Reacts assignment. The theme of the original gif was a sense of “what did I get myself into?” I mean, I was shocked at the amount of work we had that first week. I didn’t think I would be able to learn all that I have this semester. I’m proud of all I have done, and I’ll be sad when its over.

You can find the original here.

So, here is the Remixed DS106 Reacts – It’s coming to end, and I’m not ready.

Stranger Things feat. E.T.

This Movie Mashup (4.5 stars) asks you to find a movie you like, find one that it is compared to, and then create a poster that includes the two. Well, Stranger Things isn’t a movie, but it does have so many 80s references, so I chose that.

We know Stranger Things pays homage to lots of famous 80s movies, and one of those is E.T.. I found one article that lists every single 80s film referenced in their show. Eleven is compared to E.T.. The article says, “Eleven is like E.T, lost and then taken in and protected by a bunch of kids.” I actually had never thought of it that way, but it totally makes sense.

I found two posters I wanted to work with.

Source: The Verge
Source: IMDB

I’ll admit I actually haven’t seen past season 1. I’m the worst, I know, but my husband got so far in it that I didn’t want to have him rewatch it. Now, I’m just missing out. Anyway, but what from what I do know, I don’t think that Eleven is in the street with her friends. I’m imaging they are looking up for her (E.T.)

Well, that’s it. Here is my final product. I used a photoshop app on my phone to create it. What do you think?

Did you just sneeze on me?

You mean I can include my dog? Done. I’ll take any opportunity that allows me to video or take pictures of my pups, so when I saw the Talking Dog Mashup (4 stars), I knew I had to do it.

My frenchie, Frankie, doesn’t really bark, so I had to figure out a way to get her to move her mouth. She is pretty much the Kanye West of dogs; she never smiles. Anyway, I was eating an apple trying to come up with a way, when I saw her licking her lips because she wanted a piece. Yep, you guessed it, I gave her a piece of it to get her to “talk.”

I also decided to employ my husband during the process, and I spoke for Frankie.

I used an app called InShot to edit all the pieces together.

Here is the masterpiece. Ha.

Oh no you didn’t