Radio Show Brainstorming

I like the idea of taking something that happened in history and chaning the outcome like Moon Graffiti did. We could focus on events from the 80s. For example, what if personal computers never became a thing? What if they Wall never came down? What if MTV was never a thing??? Think The Man in the High Castle. I think it would be cool to come up with alternate endings or consider something else developed in its place. Let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Brainstorming”

  1. This is an interesting idea. It’s easy to imagine what 80s movies would have been like if they had cell phones, or if the web was commonplace back then. But subtracting something is a whole different challenge, on whole different level. The key, I think, would be to come up with a concept that could be illustrated with sound.

    1. I actually like that idea of current technology back then. Where would we be techologically now? Interesting idea, for sure, and likely a challenge to develop a sound for something new.

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