Minimalist Poster

I read another classmates post who mentioned Canva as a good source to design a poster. There is options for posters, videos, cards etc. The obvious choice for this assignment was a poster. I only used three elements to complete this poster. I’m certain this is probably easy to figure out, but in case you don’t know, this is Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. The blue light saber belongs to Luke Skywalker, and the red is Darth Vaders.

This movie was originally released in 1983, and then re-released in 1997. I remember my father taking us to the movie theater to watch it when it came out. I also remember being a brat, as many 8 year olds can be, because I probably wanted to watch something else or thought I wouldn’t like it. As you can assume, I was wrong, and my love for Star Wars started that night.

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