Haiku Recipe

This Writing Assignment asks you to write a recipe in only Haiku format. It is a 3 star assignment, but I would have rated it a 4. It wasn’t easy to keep all the main elements of the recipe without going away from the 5-7-5 format. I did it.

I decided to find a common 80s recipe. I went with the Sloppy Joe, or also known as Manwich in the 80s.

Sloppy Joe Yum
To make it you will need these
One pound of ground beef
One tablespoon oil
Half cup of onion yum
Half cup tomato
Half cup celery
Two garlic cloves chopped up love
Quarter cup ketchup
Tablespoon red wine
Two cups tomato sauce dear
Tablespoon mustard
A little sugar
Four hamburger buns for us
Salt pepper to taste
Then brown the ground beef
Add onions celery
Add the garlic now
Then add the ketchup
The tomato sauce slowly
Worcestershire sauce stir
Finally mustard
Sugar salt and pepper now
Simmer until done
Slightly toast buns now
Add sloppy joe mix to them
Serve and enjoy now

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