Emotional Lyrics

The Emotinal Lyrics assignment (3 stars) asks you to choose an emotion, then find 3 songs that evoke that emotion and explain why it makes you feel that way. I chose to look for 80s songs that remind me push through tough moments.

Flashdance (What a Feeling) by Irene Cara (1983)

Ok, so if you’ve seen the cheasy movie Flashdance (1983) you know it’s about a girl who dreams of becoming a dancer even though she doesn’t have any formal training. Skip through the drama and love quarrel, she ends up going to a dance audition in front of some pretty snooting folks who looked bored to be there. She stumbles in the begining, but starts again and totally kills it. The most motivational part of the song are the lyrics, “take your passion and make it happen, pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life, what a feeling.” And you know, that’s just how I’m trying to get through life. Just dancing along. Also, OMG Irene Cara’s voice!

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor ( 1982)

How can I talk about motivational and fighting the craziness of days without mentioning Eye of the Tiger? This is the second time I’m referencing it on my blog because it is just one of my favorites.

I remember driving back from an Army training site 30 miles from my house around 11pm, and seeing people running down a two-lane highway. I realized they were participants of 50 mile marathon. Insane. Anyway, I decided to play this song with my windows down. I doubt they heard it because most of them were likely wearing headphones, but in the event they weren’t, I hoped it would give them a little boost as it always does for me.

Contigo Quiero Estar – Selena (1989)

This is more of an honorary mention because the song itself isn’t necessary one that inspires me to take on the challenges of the day, but it is important to me to find link what I can to my roots.

As a Latina from Texas, I grew up listening to Selena. Everyone listened to her, and still do. She was one of our most famous representatives. The song Contigo Quiero Estar, is one of my absolute favorites of hers. I was listening to a playlist of her music, and decided to look up when this song came out. Turns out it is from her 1989 album.

Selena was, and still is such an inspiration to all of us, so even though the song is more about love and wanting that love, her very voice motivates me.

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